Welcome to the Parkour Circle Blog

Greetings, searcher for Parkour knowledge! Welcome!

We are a Parkour training organisation based in Chennai, India.

This is the blog. You can expect to see posts and updates about various projects, classes, and other parkour related topics. You will also hear from various team members… Their thoughts, insights and probably also some of their ramblings. I suspect that this is going to be a fairly informal place for traceurs across Chennai, Tamil Nadu or even India to gather and discuss their thoughts in the comments. So, don’t feel shy. Step up, leave a comment and introduce yourself.

If you would like to join us on our exploration of Chennai through movement, you’re welcome to join us. Our sessions are free. Here is our Training Schedule, for your convenience.

You can also communicate with us on Facebook or Twitter.

Join us on:

Wednesday Morning 5:30 AM: St. Thomas Mount steps
Saturday Morning 5:30 AM: Besant Nagar Beach, Near the public gym / Police booth.

Call Prabu: 98848-97546 / Baskar: 97911-02804 for more details.