Parkour Jam and Performance Parkour Workshop on 18th January, 2016

For the last 9 days, Parkour Circle has been working closely with The Urban Playground Team. We have jointly conducted workshops for diverse sets of audiences, ranging from differently abled children, to educators, to men-women-children-grandparents of socially excluded communities, and children from an International school.

We are very excited to be able to present to the Parkour community in Chennai, two unique experiences on the 18th of January, 2016 at Tamil Nadu Eyal Isai Nataka Mandram, Greenways Road.


3pm – 5pm: A Performance Parkour workshop aimed at exploring how Parkour movements can be used in performance arts.
5pm – 7pm: A pure parkour jam with a masterclass led by Malik Diouf of the Yamakasi. If you’re a parkour enthusiast or practitioner, you can’t afford to miss this.

Contact us on Facebook, or on the phone (+91-99620-28747) for details